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Utilities & Public Works

Utilities & Public Works services

Prairie Industrial Group is dedicated to providing service to utilities and public works companies across Kansas City and the Midwest.

Our field personnel is qualified to take on any industrial services needed thanks to rigorous training and years of experience. We’ve worked with many major utilities and public works companies across the Midwest, and combined with our state-of-the-art equipment, we can help you overcome any of your needs.


Serving utility and public works companies of all sizes

Since first opening our doors, Prairie Industrial Group has proudly worked in the arena of all major public works and utility companies in the Kansas City area. Additionally, we’ve extended our services to public works companies across the Midwest, as well as subcontractors of all sizes. From excavation and soil remediation to right-of-way maintenance and clearing and more, our team is capable of performing a wide array of industrial services.


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About Prairie Industrial Group

Prairie Industrial Group is committed to fostering relationships and providing an unrivaled quality of work to businesses and job sites throughout Kansas City and the Midwest. Working with our team, you’ll get the benefit of partnering with industry veterans who pride themselves on doing the job safely and correctly.

Each member of our team is rigorously trained and our organization as a whole holds numerous safety and operator qualifications. If your business is in need of utilities and public works services and support, Prairie Industrial Group will work to ensure your satisfaction.

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Prairie Industrial Group is capable of helping job sites across Kansas City and the Midwest with all of their industrial, remediation, and tank service needs! Call our office or fill out a quote online and our team will happily assist.


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